Framesi Hair Coloring Services in Easton, Bethlehem & Phillispburg Area


Framesi was established in 1945 and is based in the worlds fashion capital of Milan Italy.  It is the leading manufacturer of hair color sold in Italy and brings both Italian hair color and Italian style from the world to you. Your hair is the only fashion accessory you wear every day and hair color is a big part of that style.  At Hyperion we utilize both Framcolor 2001 and their newest line Glamour.  Framcolor 2001 is formulated with the Hi Tech Booster System, a technology that effectively boosts the performance of coloring from every point of view; exceptional radiance, total coverage of grey hair,  gentle on hair and skin, amaranth oil for wonderful radiance, coconut oil for enhanced skin protection.  Framesi Glamour has less ammonia than normal oxidation colors, the keratin scales are under less stress and color discharge is reduced by 50%.  Designed for those looking for quality in a simple and convenient product, Framcolor Glamour guarantees: protection for gray/white hair and for color, 100% coverage of gray/white hair, no darkening on mid lengths or ends and pleasant fragrance.